Introducing TriviAdsTM


TriviAds are rewarded ads that appear as trivia questions. Our audience engages with TriviAds during the 50-minute pre-game to help them win the jackpot during the 10-minute live-game.


Every TriviAd includes a "Learn More" call to action button. Advertisers are charged per click. Users who click on the "Learn More" button are rewarded with a free Extra Life.


To advertise on Trivi, go to and do the following:


  1. Create a TriviAds account.
  2. Create any number of TriviAds.
  3. Create one or more campaigns that use your TriviAds.





Pre-game, while the user is rotating the cube, your TriviAd will look like this:




During a live-game, your TriviAd will look like this:





Trivi demographics


The widespread use of smart phones has pushed mobile gaming’s popularity to incredible heights — enabling in-app advertisers to capture various types of consumers through their mobile devices.


2.4 billion

Number of people who play mobile games.



App downloads that are mobile games.


$165 billion

Size of 2020 US mobile gaming market, with CAGR of 12%. (Source: MediaKix)



Mobile gamers who are women.



Average age of mobile gamers.



Mobile gamers who are over 55 years old.



Mobile gamers who are between 13 and 17 years old.



Mobile gamers 35 and older who play games several times per day.



 Mobile gamers who prefer to watch ads that are an integral part of the game content.



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