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IQ Jackpot at a glance


IQ Jackpot broadcasts hourly live trivia events. The audience wins thousands of dollars in cash by answering trivia questions. Trivia questions can be ads that pose as trivia questions.


Connecting contestants and advertisers in a trivia game that pays cash, creates a virtuous cycle where a growing jackpot attracts a growing audience leading to more advertising revenue and a larger jackpot.





IQ Jackpot demographics


The widespread use of smart phones has pushed mobile gaming’s popularity to incredible heights — enabling in-app advertisers to capture various types of consumers through their mobile devices.


2.4 billion

Number of people who play mobile games.



App downloads that are mobile games.


$20 billion

Size of 2020 US mobile gaming market, with CAGR of 12%.



Mobile gamers who are women.



Average age of mobile gamers.



Mobile gamers who are over 55 years old.



Mobile gamers who are between 13 and 17 years old.



Mobile gamers 35 and older who play games several times per day.



 Mobile gamers who prefer to watch ads that are an integral part of the game content.




IQ Jackpot events use a format similar to the live trivia games introduced in 2018 by HQ Trivia. Depending on prize size, HQ Trivia games attract an audience in the thousands or even millions — once or twice per day.  IQ Jackpot does this 24 times per day.


Introducing IQ Jackpot Ads


An IQ Jackpot Event consists of 20 trivia questions. Any of these questions can be replaced by an ad that poses as a trivia question. Advertisers can purchase individual questions called TriviAds or can purchase an entire Event that includes 20 TriviAds.  Advertisers are also able to set the size of the  jackpot.


Ad rates are automatically market driven and include free CTA buttons. Only three simple steps are required to advertise on IQ Jackpot:


  1. Create an IQ Jackpot Ads account.
  2. Create any number of TriviAds and Event Ads.
  3. Create one or more campaigns that use your TriviAds.


How to create a TriviAd


To create a TriviAd, provide the following information on the Create TriviAd screen:





In a live show, the TriviAd will look like this:




Between shows, while the user is rotating the cube, the TriviAd will look like this:




How to launch a TriviAd campaign


A TriviAd Campaign consists of a TriviAd that poses as one of 20 trivia questions during a live show. TriviAd Campaigns run within 24 hours of when they are purchased and can automatically repeat every 24 hours.


When you click the Buy button, your TriviAd Campaign becomes LIVE and is guaranteed to run. You will be charged for your TriviAd Campaign one hour before it runs. The campaign will automatically run again 24 hours later as long as the campaign's "Repeat" switch is ON.


To create a TriviAd Campaign, perform the following steps on the "Create TriviAd Campaign" screen:


  1. Select the desired show time.
  2. Select the desired question number.
  3. Select the desired TriviAd.
  4. Leave the Repeat switch in the ON position if you would like the ad to automatically repeat every 24 hours. Otherwise, flip the Repeat switch to OFF and click the Update button.
  5. Click the Buy button to make your campaign live.






How to create an Event Ad


An Event Ad replaces all trivia questions in an Event with TriviAds. Also included is a single pre-roll video ad, a pre-show notification, and a post-show message with a call to action (CTA) button. To create an Event Ad, provide the following information on the Create Event Ad screen:




The Pre-show Notification will look like this:




The Post-show message and the Call To Action button at the end of the live show will look like this:




How to launch an Event campaign


An Event Campaign includes one Event Ad, sets the show prize amount, and runs once on a specific future date and time.


TriviAds that are part of an Event Campaign can be studied on the cube for one hour before the start of the Event.


You will be charged for your Event Campaign when you click the Buy button. At this point, your Event Campaign is LIVE and is guaranteed to run. The charge will include the Prize amount plus a 20% Event Fee.


To create an Event Campaign, perform the following steps on the Create Event Campaign screen:


  1. Select the deisred Date.
  2. Select the desired Time.
  3. Select the desired Event Ad.
  4. Enter the desired Prize amount. The minimum prize amount is indicated. You can specify a larger amount.
  5. Click the Buy button.




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