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IQ JackpotTM broadcasts hourly live trivia events where players are winning thousands of dollars in cash by answering trivia questions. The cube chooses an image and you have to pick the right answer among four choices. Twenty correct answers and you win. You can cash out immediately.


Between hourly events, you can rotate the cube to see the questions and answers that will appear in the next live event.

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An IQ Jackpot Event consists of 20 trivia questions. Any of these questions can be replaced by an ad that poses as a trivia question. An ad that poses as a trivia question is called a TriviAdTM. Advertisers can purchase individual TriviAds or can purchase an entire Event that includes 20 TriviAds.


Your TriviAds are lovable because our audience studies them before an Event to help them win the jackpot during the Event.


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